Warning: Our website contains hellishly offensive content.

Note: A person or group or other entity might or might not deserve hatred.

Welcome to the fifth generation of our website dealing with hate speech.  The fourth generation of our website is still available.  Our website documents expressions of pure hatred, which we vehemently opposeOur purpose is to keep alive the knowledge of the depths of human hate and depravity so that the enemies of love and righteousness never rule again.  We are using a graphic of Adolf Hitler as being representative of hatred and depravity for the following reasons:

Adolf Hitler, in his concentration camps, killed six million Jews and six million people of other nationalities.  Today, Mideast terrorists follow in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler.

We have documented the major types of hatred expression, which can be readily found elsewhere on the internet.  Please be warned that some of the quotes and images on our website are sickeningly ugly and some of the quotes and images indicate that their authors have one or another sickness of the mind.

Finally, note that, in some instances, people may not really be expressing hatred. Rather, they may be expressing frustration and/or righteous indignation.

Our articles may be updated over time.  It is up to you to be sure you have the latest information.

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